Staying Connected

TGI welcomes all of its alumni as active participants in its community of lifelong learning. Growth and transformation doesn't end with your master's degree, as members of TGI’s alumni community are invited to take part in ongoing personal and professional development activities beyond graduation. These include conferences, workshops, reunions, and networking opportunities. In addition, TGI publishes an annual Alumni Directory to keep its alumni community connected and to provide information about ongoing alumni events.

Alumni Profiles

Every quarter, the TGI newsletter and blog features an Alumni Profile describing the accomplishments and initiatives undertaken by one of TGI’s outstanding alumni.

Click here to view recent Alumni Profiles on the TGI blog.

To nominate someone for an Alumni Profile, write to

Supporting TGI

TGI accepts gifts for specific programs and/or events. To make a specified gift, please make your check payable to The Graduate Institute, indicating the program or event to which you wish to contribute.

There are several other ways to get involved:

  • Serve as an executive member of the Alumni Committee
  • Volunteer at events, lectures, concerts, and recruiting fairs.
  • Share your thoughts and ideas for new endeavors.

For more information, please contact the Alumni Association at

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