Though everyone has a personality, its source is seldom a point that receives focused individual research. From what ground does personality arise, and how does it evolve? One school of thought proposes that the root of our personality lies in our genetic cod...

July 19, 2018

Daniel Thorson, founder of the EMERGE podcast (, interviews Bonnitta Roy, MA, Program Coordinator of the Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology program. In this wide ranging interview, Bonnitta provides her view of the Sam Harris and Ezra Klei...

Soil, Plant and Human Effects on Glyphosate

Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Professor at M.IT.

Institute of Sustainable Nutrition March 24th

Granby Community Television

By Debbie Lavigne,

Current Student, Integrative Health & Healing M.A. Program, at The Graduate Institute

Dr. Stephan...

Much of human psychology focuses on how to improve the lives of those with mental disorders. But the relatively new field of Positive Psychology studies the psychological characteristics and practices that allow peoples’ lives to flourish. Finding its roots in Maslow’s...

decorated with shards of past 

narratives smashed,

i assume a stance

of recognition.

nested within 



that bring

a clarity of union,

i stand braced in a space

between then and the possible.

where piano wire dizzying, 

sine wave resounding



“Wholeness for humans depends on their ability to own their own shadow.”
     ~ Carl Jung

I have always been serious minded and practical. People who know me might say I’m conservative, conventional or downright square. Growing up in Catholic school,...

August 14, 2017

BY:  Dr. James Trifone, Academic Director for The Graduate Institute’s Master of Arts in Learning and Thinking Degree Program

Educators and parents alike are taking notice of the stress that surrounds our children on a daily basis. The stressors and demands of modern Am...

July 23, 2017

Reading my friend and colleague Jim Trifone's wonderful post yesterday, I was reminded of a video I did in 2013 for one of my classes with the same general title as his article but examining a different aspect of the ways in which our collective Story needs to evolve....

July 10, 2017

I just returned from a seven-day silent meditation retreat, led by Rabbi David and Shoshana Cooper. The retreat, while conducted in a Jewish context, draws substantially Buddhist approaches to awakening and meditative practices. The retreat was bittersweet since this w...

May 4, 2017

The curricular needs of today's millennial generation are no longer anything remotely resembling that of their parents, let alone grandparents. Rather, the schools of today and tomorrow need to embrace a new "culture of learning and thinking" whereby classrooms become...