Enrico Cheli, PsyD - Chairperson

Enrico Cheli is an Italian psychologist and sociologist and a tenured professor at the University of Siena (Tuscany). At the University of Siena, he served as Vice-Provost for International Cooperation and was the founding Chair of a Ph.D. School in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution. He also established several other Ph.D., Master and Certificate programs in: interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution; positive psychology and emotional wellbeing; emotional intelligence and prosocial skills; and relational counseling. He is the author of hundreds of articles and 27 books and is considered one of the leading European experts in the domains of Interpersonal Communication and Relationships, Integrative Psychology, Holistic Health, Personal Development. He is a frequent contributor to European television, radio and newspaper in such domains. 

Cristina Antoniazzi, MS - Trustee

Christina Antoniazzi is an Italian licensed counselor. Previously she was adjunct professor of Relational Counseling and of Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships at the University of Siena (Tuscany), one of then most ancient and top quality Italian universities. She has a BA in Physical education, a BS+MS in Psychology, and holds certificates in Interpersonal Communication and Relationships, in Holistic Psychosomatics, and in Holistic Transpersonal Psychology. Additionally, Cristina has attended courses and workshops on: Primal Therapy, Who is In; Conscious Dying; and Inner Judge. She has been practicing Hatha yoga, Raja yoga and vipassana meditation for many years. She also offers courses and workshops on psychosomatics, emotional release techniques, enneagram, meditation, and interpersonal relationships.

Eva Archer-Smith, Trustee

Eva Archer-Smith is an experienced Executive Coach, Facilitator and Keynote Speaker, and an ordained Interfaith Minister. She has a diverse background as an executive and entrepreneur in corporate, governmental, and public service work. In her practice of coaching emerging and senior executives, she focuses on performance and personal effectiveness. Her areas of expertise include leadership development, emotional intelligence, strategy and project execution, new program/product launches, and innovation and leading change.

Judith Hyde, MA, MAT - Trustee

Judith Hyde was the founder and executive director of The Child Protection Council of Northeastern Connecticut, the President of the Connecticut Children and the Courts Committee, the founder and executive director of The Children's Law Center of Connecticut, helped found the Women & Girls Fund of the Eastern Connecticut Community Foundation, and was the National Coordinator of Volunteers To End Slavery. She received the Kangas Award for Child Advocacy, the United Services award, the AAUW Certificate of Achievement for efforts to improve opportunities for girls and women, and an award from the Connecticut Chapter of the National Task Force for Children’s  Rights. Judith has published articles on “Day Care Teachers and Child Abuse”, “Physical and Mental Health Aspects of Rehabilitating Children Freed from Slavery,” and “Slavery Prevention in the Contemporary World” Judith has also been a mediator, taught French and English at the college level, and is an elder mentor in the Art of Mentoring program for culture repair through deep nature connection.

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