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Living the Writer’s Life: 
Insights and Musings from The Graduate Institute’s Emerging Writers 

What does it mean to “Live the Writer’s Life”? 

To find out, ten strangers formed a writing cohort, came up with an audacious plan to write and publish and book together, and created "Where the Words Await...Walking the Writer's Path".  

In this first-ever collection of writings by colleagues from TGI’s Writing and Oral Traditions Program, ten authors gather their best fiction and non-fiction pieces and add insights and m...

While this author’s colleagues discussed the intricacies of the editing process during a weekend session of the Writing and the Oral Traditions cohort, he attended his youngest daughter’s high school graduation. Of course, any parent worth the title would make himself available for this momentous event. But this student would like to examine the event of graduation from an editorial point of view.

    As a college composition...

My mother used to visit my husband and me in Connecticut for a few weeks in the summer.  She was in her early eighties then and, except for some hearing loss and eyesight issues, in remarkably good health. 

One July I asked my friend Sue to drive out with me to Ohio to pick her up. On the way back, we decided to treat Mom by swinging off I-80 in mid-Pennsylvania to Woolrich, the company town headquarters of the eponymous s...

 The Great Gatsby has long been synonymous with Long Island, but what if Fitzgerald’s true inspiration came from time spent here in Connecticut?

     F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald honeymooned for five months in the summer of 1920 in a modest gray house in Westport, Connecticut. This experience had a more profound impact on both of their collective works than any other place they lived. Having just married and recently kicked ou...

Enjoying Grammar

     Earlier in the Writing and Oral Traditions Program, we participated in a weekend session involving the importance of play in the classroom. This latest weekend’s editing session got me thinking: Can grammar be enjoyable? Even that very question is enough to make an average teacher recoil.

     Lucky for you, however, I am not one of those average teachers. In fact, lucky reader, I give you permi...

          Though everyone has a personality, its source is seldom a point that receives focused individual research. From what ground does personality arise, and how does it evolve? One school of thought proposes that the root of our personality lies in our genetic code, while another argues for personality is an evolutionary product of our ongoing experience. In either case, our personality is inextricably linked to defining...

Listen to this: 

Since I live in Pennsylvania and teach at TGI’s campus in Connecticut, I am, by definition, a Road Warrior. 

Crazy as it may sound, I have been commuting to this gig for more than 17 years. Let the record show that I have made the 300-mile round-trip journey approximately 250 times. That’s 75,000 miles (the distance required to drive around the equator of the Earth three times).

Think of the vast stretch of t...

The Little Dolphin That Could

Our recent cohort session on humor in storytelling reminded me of this moment in time: 

It was the year of 1995, and all was not well.

Andy and I had been married for approximately eight months, and we were still finding our way through life.  We got together, both in debt, plunged further into debt with the wedding, and found ourselves struggling to get out of debt as we were both working in the re...

   Last weekend’s session with the Writing and Oral Traditions cohort was like being at a retreat.

   The Annual Connecticut Storytelling Festival and Conference at Connecticut College in New London was filled with music, laughter and most of all, good stories.

    My favorite presenter was nationally-known storyteller Donald Davis. He was mesmerizing and funny from his first story Friday night, “Come Home with Me,” to his...

Following the Institute-Wide Weekend and the immersion into the Universe’s story as well as the ways, beliefs and stories of indigenous people, I researched creation stories. Since my mentorship involves weaving, I researched several creation weaving stories from the Greek to the Hopi and Navajo.

 I then spun my own tale: 

In the time before, The deep time before time, there was Weaver Woman. She lived in the darkness, velv...

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