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Are you ready to design a future that the past says is impossible?
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A 36 credit Master of Arts degree program designed for individuals who seek to make significant - and sustainable – impact on entrenched problems within organizations.

For 15 years, we have developed individuals from large global corporations, small businesses, non-profits, schools, and churches as well as social/community activists, consultants, and medical professionals who are simply seeking to use their lives for something bigger than what they've used it for in the past.

In this program you won’t LEARN about leadership, you will ENGAGE in leadership.


Over the course of two years you will complete a breakthrough project 

and design a future that the past says is impossible. 

Management is like a science - a repeatable phenomenon, so it’s possible to teach it.


Leadership, on the other hand, is an art form - in your hands, the expression is going to be quite different than it is in mine or anyone else’s.

Leadership is learned through discovery and application. Our program is designed to facilitate  learning through direct application with real-world issues that you are committed to impacting. 

You can be taught how to manage, not how to lead.

We get that a masters isn’t a small commitment,

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"The OL program didn’t give me my sense of purpose and mission in the world, it gave me the tools and mindsets to manifest that purpose in ways that are bigger and more impactful than I could have ever imagined."

John MacBeth

Founder of HealthFirst

“It was delightful to be part of the MA in
Organizational Leadership. The positive energy
shared was contagious and fabulous. At the end
of each session I felt charged and anxious to
share and integrate what I had learned.”

Carol Martin

Director at IBM

"The MAOL is a direct challenge to Tolstoy’s observation that 'Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself'. The design of the OL provides an incubator for people to do both." 

Ken House

Co-Founder of TryCycle

Respected. Accredited. Trusted.

In  November 1999, the  Connecticut  Department of  Higher  Education,  Board of Governors  granted The Graduate  Institute  a  license  to operate  graduate  programs and  in  May  2003 the  Institute received  its accreditation.  Licensure  and accreditation  entailed  an  extensive  application  process,  which  received favorable findings by the Board’s Advisory Committee on Accreditation.The report of the state-appointed evaluation  committee  and  the  staff  report  of  the  Commissioner of  Higher  Education  to  the  Board  of Governors are available at the Institute’s Administrative Office

How is the program different from a standard program

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