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Integrative Medicine—an open-minded and evidence-based approach to health and healing.



The Integrative Health and Healing certificate program examines health as the optimal alignment of body, mind, and spirit – not merely the absence of disease. It provides the opportunity for students to explore contemporary, mind/body approaches to health and well-being under the support of forward-thinking practitioners and researchers. Self-contained, the program also satisfies the requirements for 9 credits toward the Master of Arts degree in Integrative Health and Healing offered by TGI. Thus, qualified students who complete the certificate may matriculate into the MA program with 9 credits.

Over the course of ten months, a cohort of students meets monthly (Friday from 5 to 9 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm) to explore aspects of integrative medicine. Students engage in dialogue with fellow cohort members and faculty to develop a body of work in their electronic portfolio. Hands-on experiences with different modalities and treatment methods strengthen understanding, and the program's multiple approaches to instruction ensures that students of diverse learning styles are empowered to incorporate their knowledge effectively. 

Career Goal:

By taking the Certificate in Integrative Health and Healing in combination with the Transformative Coach Training program, you can specialize in Health and Wellness Coaching


Each class in the certificate program in Integrative Health and Healing is dedicated to a comprehensive examination of specific protocols and practices, including:

  • Allopathy (traditional Western medicine) in the context of integrative models

  • Holistic Medical Model

  • Mind-Body Medicine (Including Psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune connection PNEI) 

  • Integrative Nutrition

  • Homeopathic remedies and diagnostic methods

  • Naturopathic medical philosophy and practice

  • Meditation and Internal Energy Development - Qi Gong

  • Herbal Medicinals, Nutraceuticals and Flower Essences

Courses (9 credits)

IH 501:    Foundations of Integrative Health and Healing                                         3 credits

This course introduces students to the major health and healing traditions, and explores their diverse philosophical and practical foundations. Students examine the ancient healing arts, as well as the allopathic, complementary, and alternative practices that have evolved from them. Study emphasizes the need to gain knowledge in various modalities, to integrate diverse perspectives on how the body functions, and to develop a holistic medical model in order to achieve health and wellness.
IH 502:    Mind-Body Medicine                                                                                     2 credits

Infused with mind, spirit, and energy, the body is so much more than the sum of its physiological parts. In this course, students explore psycho-neural immunology research that demonstrates how the mind-body relationship affects health and healing. Study provides a comprehensive understanding of wellness and preventative practices, such as meditation, relaxation, biofeedback, visualization, guided imagery, hypnosis, dream analysis, psychotherapies, and addiction rehabilitation.

IH 507:    Integrative Nutrition                                                                                    2 credits

A central tenet of holism is that health evolves within a broader context of ecological and cultural practices, and it is impossible to separate individual health from the health of the whole system. In this course, students explore this “whole systems” metaphor, examining the impact of ecological and cultural practices on broad health related issues. Specifically, diet and nutrition, water purity, and air quality are studied relative to their impact on health and wellness.

IH 509:     Alternative Pharmaceuticals: Aromatherapy and Flower Essences            2 credits

Allopathic medicine has long relied upon the use of drugs to treat disease. Allopathic pharamaceuticals, however, are not the only substances that have provided extraordinary healing and curative effects throughout history. In this course, allopathic pharmaceuticals are compared to herbal remedies, Chinese medicines, and neutraceuticals. Students analyze the pharmacological effects of various substances by reviewing clinical research, case studies, and other indicators of efficacy. Substances are examined in terms of their healing, preventative, and vitalizing effects.

  Full course descriptions are available in our Catalog of Programs


Artemis Morris, ND - Academic Co-Director


Dr. Artemis D. Morris is a Naturopathic Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist, professor of nutrition, researcher, author, and public speaker.  Dr. Artemis is the co-academic director of the Integrative Health and Healing Program at The Graduate Institute ( Dr Artemis has been an educator for over a decade where she teaches nutrition at The Human Nutrition Institute at University of Bridgeport and taught advanced clinical nutrition for the Naturopathic Medical School.  She completed her Naturopathic Doctorate and Masters in Acupuncture at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington and did an internship in Acupuncture in Shanghai, China. Dr Artemis has been practicing holistic primary care medicine, Acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy and integrative/functional medicine care for over 20 years.  Dr. Artemis is the medical director and founder of Artemis Wellness Center, LLC an integrative wellness center that focuses on women’s health and wellness.  Dr. Artemis has served as the director of the natural health center at Masonic Healthcare Center in Wallingford, the largest geriatric healthcare center in CT where she did research on acupuncture and pain management.  Dr. Artemis researches and lectures on the Mediterranean Diet and plants of Crete at medical conferences internationally and presents on various natural health topics.  Dr Artemis Morris co-authored the book with Molly Rossiter on The Anti-Inflammation Diet for Dummies, has contributed articles to medical journals and is in the process of publishing a book on A Naturopathic Doctors Guide to Wellness for the COVID-19 Pandemic. Her practice philosophy is inspired by the quote from Paracelsus that states, "The art of healing comes from nature and not from the physician. Therefore, the physician must start from  nature with an open mind."

Bernie Siegel, MD - Academic Co-Director


Bernie Siegel, M.D. excelled at Colgate University and Cornell University Medical College. He completed his surgical residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital and the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. While a pediatric and general surgeon in New Haven, he authored Love, Medicine and Miracles: Lessons Learned About Self-Healing from a Surgeon's Experience with Exceptional Patients, Humor and Healing, and Meditations for Difficult Times. He founded the Exceptional Cancer Patients therapy and healing program in New Haven in 1978. His book Prescriptions for Living was published by Harper Collins in 1998.  Bernie's insights on the nature of human experience and the science of medicine are integrated in his unique approach to the practice of healing, and in his view of storytelling and visual arts as paths for creating wellness.  His latest book, The Art of Healing (2013), reveals his insights into the healing power of drawings, dreams, and intuition.  Visit his website at


Henry Grayson, Ph.D.


Dr. Grayson studied and trained at Boston University for his Ph.D.  His 4-year post-doctoral certificate from Postgraduate Center for Mental Health.  Dr. Grayson it the Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Trustees of the National Institute for the Psychotherapies, a leading postgraduate training Institute in New York and the Institute for Synergetic Therapy.  In addition, he is the Co-Chairman of the medical PTSD Division of the Stand for the Troops Foundation.   Dr. Grayson is the author of Your Power to Heal: Resolving Psychological Barriers to Your Physical Health, (Release date: April 2017 from Sounds True), Mindful Loving: 10 Practices for Creating Deeper Connections and the bestselling 9 1/2-hour CD Audio Series for Sounds True, The New Physics of Love: The Power of Mind & Spirit in Relationships.  Academic titles include Three Psychotherapies: A Clinical Comparison, Short Term Approaches to Psychotherapy, and Changing Approaches To The Psychotherapies.   Dr. Grayson’s professional affiliations include: Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association, Diplomat of the American Board of Professional Psychology; Diplomat and former board member of The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, member of the American Psychological Association, The New York State Psychological Association, The Connecticut Psychological Association, The Association for Transpersonal Psychology, The Institute of Noetic Sciences, The Society for the Scientific Study of Subtle Energies Medicine, EMDR International Association, a former Board Member of the Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society, and is the Founder and past President of the Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy, and a member of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.


Karen Pace, MA - Lead Program Coordinator


 Karen Pace, MA, has 25+ years in the Financial Services Industry, experience ranging from Computer Trainer to Technology Vice President. Prior to corporate life, she spent 4 years in education as a high school and community college business teacher. During her teaching tenure, Karen was responsible for setting up the first self-paced computer lab at Mount Hood Community College Center for Women. Karen is most proud of her participation in holistic transformative education at TGI and achieving her Master’s Degree in Integrative Health and Healing. Karen is also the founder and creator of the company Peacebar.

Dawn Fusco, CDA, RDH, MA - Program Coordinator


Dawn Fusco is a licensed Dental Hygienist with a broad range of healthcare experience.  A recipient of the Hu-Friedy Clinical Excellence Award, she has over 20 years of experience in the field of dentistry within various settings.  She achieved her Master of Arts in Integrative Health and Healing from The Graduate Institute, a bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of New Haven, and an Associates Degree in Dental Assisting from Tunxis Community College.

Kim Ruggiero, MA - Program Coordinator


Kimberly Ruggiero studied at The Graduate Institute receiving her Master of Arts degree in Consciousness Studies as well as receiving a certificate in Transformative Coach Training in 2016.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Indiana University in 1985.  In 2000, she began her formal art training at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, in Lyme, CT for 5 years.  In recent years she has won recognition for her intimate figurative paintings.  Her work is found in private collections throughout New England and Florida.  Kimberly has been trained in Mindfulness Meditation through Engaged Mindfulness Institute and facilitates a Mindfulness Meditation group at The Graduate Institute from October 2016 to the present time.

Deb Tyrrel, BSN, MA - Program Coordinator


Deborah Tyrrel received her M.A. Integrative Health and Healing from The Graduate Institute and a B.S.N. from Fairfield University.   She has 30 years of experience in nursing, including 15 years as Director of Nursing within Assisted Living Facilities.  Deb holds certifications in Sustainable Nutrition, Herbology, Auricular Acupuncture, and Buddhist Meditation.

Laurie Walter, MA, BSN, RN, HNB-BC - Program Coordinator


Laurie Walter is a Registered Nurse with over 10 years of experience in peri-operative care and nursing education. She obtained her MA in Integrative Health and Healing from The Graduate Institute and her BSN from Sacred Heart University.  She is a certified Yoga Teacher, certified Reiki Master, and she holds the Holistic Nursing Certification, HNB-BC.  She is the recipient of the Clinical Leadership Award from Sacred Heart University.

Alisa Wright, MA - Program Coordinator


Alisa Wright is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher who is committed to providing a teaching environment that is engaging, promotes creative and productive thinking skills, and is well balanced.  In addition to being a Program Coordinator for IHH, Alisa is a teacher in Connecticut Region 6 in Litchfield, CT and was awarded the Region 6 Teacher of the Year in 2018. Other awards and honors include: the CAS Exemplary Elementary Educator Award in 2017; The Connecticut DEEP: Green Circle Sustainability Award recipient, 2002-2015; Producer of documentary film Regarding Amelia that went on to receive the Follett Creativity Grant Award, CASL: Outstanding creative and collaborative lesson—documentary film; Awarded Fuel Up to Play 60 grants for Warren, Morris and Goshen, 2013; RSD6 Innovative Collaborative Mini-Grants: Sample and a Stroll RSD6 Gardens Community Celebrations, 2017; Homemade Wholsesome Grows and Development, 2015; Morris Garden Redesign, 2015; The Snowy Day Literacy Science and Technology, 2013; Recipient of Walmart Local Teacher of the Year, 2005, National Gardening Association Grant, 2004.  Alisa received a B.S. in Early Childhood Education, 1989, a M.S. in School Health, 1995, both from Southern Connecticut State University 1995 and M.A. in Integrative Health and Healing from The Graduate Institute in 2015.

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