Is there some idea, vision, or possibility in your world that meets these four criteria:

  1. It is not possible within the current reality

  2. It is bigger than your own self-interest, but includes your self-interest

  3. It makes your heart sing

  4. If created, it will outlive you

If so, we are the container within which you will manifest that possibility...

Organizational Leadership

Design the Future that the Past says is impossible

Foundational Principles

The Master of Arts in Leadership, Change, & Future Design (MALC) is founded on 3 core principles

   MALC Program Overview  


TGI offers the first and only Master of Arts in Leadership in Connecticut. Our unique program approaches leadership as both an art and a science.

The faculty for the Master of Arts in Leadership, Change, & Future Design (MALC) was assembled to provide the most diverse and stimulating developmental experience possible. Our faculty includes advisors to some of the world’s largest companies - as well as some of the most famous start-ups - as well as academicians and researchers in Organizational Psychology, Sociology, and Business. The MALC also includes faculty who are practitioners in the Arts & Humanities, who provide a learners with perhaps the most valuable frameworks and provocations for engaging in the Art of Leadership. Together, this diverse groups of educators work with TGI students to help each learner identify, define, and achieve their vision of leadership—in the community, on the job, or even at home.

Students design and execute individualized “breakthrough” projects, often to astounding results. Past projects have included establishing a network of healthcare clinics in Haiti, founding a not-for-profit insurance company with a charitable aim, creating partnerships and alliances among local educational districts and state agencies, and a number of other initiatives that have generated revenues and cost savings in the millions of dollars.

But the real value of this program can’t be measured in dollars and cents. It’s in the personal and professional development of each of our students and alumni, who are committed to making leadership part of their capacity and whose leadership is actively making a difference in the world we live in. The most consistent feedback we hear from graduates is: "I'm a completely different person as a result of this experieince."

Curriculum & Faculty

We are revising the MALC curriculum to include 3 elements that have become critical in the conversation of Leadership:

  • Sustainability

  • Social Impact entrepreneurship

  • Meaning and Purpose-based value creation

This new curriculum will be launched with the incoming cohort, starting in August of 2017.

Please return to this page on July 1, 2017 for details about the curriculum, new courses, and some amazing new faculty members we're adding to an already amazing group!


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